Friday, 18 February 2011

More Mutterings from the Monkey Hut.

This is Monica Monkey who was rehomed at the beginning of the week.
I have recently been asked if the Monkeys are safe for children and I have to say they are not and can not be advertised as toys for under 14yrs. This is because of Health and Safety issues and British kite marks etc...
The monkeys are made from supersoft toy stuffing which is 100% polyester complying to BS 1425, BS5852, EN71 (This is from the package and to be honest I don't know what that means!)The facial details are sewn on with embroidery thread and there is nothing hard, like buttons, on the monkeys. BUT IT WOULD BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL PURCHASER IF THEY WERE GIVEN TO A CHILD. It all seems a bit mad to me but this is my disclaimer.!!
Sorry - that is all a bit serious!! More merry monkey mischief soon !

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