Monday, 7 March 2011

The Monkeys are making Mates!

The Monkey Hut wants to give a massive thanks to Dan at Superfatlaces and Mike at Mike Ward Graphic Design. Not only did Mike do the fab logo but he has now also designed some business cards, mini cards and stickers with the Monkey logo on. The mini cards are half the size of a business card and I have been tying them to the Monkeys with ribbon. They look ace! The Monkeys love them because it gives the correct washing instructions and how to keep up to date with all the Monkey business. Check out Mikes work at
Dan has posted a link on his newsletter from his website shop which sells socks and laces. Check out his blog and site at They have just had a new delivery and have loads of funky socks for sale. Dan has also posted a picture of Maggie Monkey who was made from socks bought from this website. The socks they sell make the best Monkeys in my opinion! (And I am a Sock Master!!)
Thank you very much to you both from your Monkey Mates. xx
P.S. Active Hope Monkey raised £62 at auction! The night overall raised over £6000 for the charity !!

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