Friday, 13 May 2011

Mutant Monkey? No Its an ELEPHANT!

Hello! Thought I had better let you blog followers know about this little lady that the Facebookers have had a preview of. I actually made this lovely pink elephant as a special request for an old school friend who got in touch on Facebook. It was made for another old school friend who has a soft spot for elephants and was due to have a pink flavoured baby. Facebook has now introduced beautiful baby Molly so I can post pictures without ruining any surprises. (Hope all is well with the new family! xx)
As for other news.... been very busy at the Hut trying to make enough Monkeys to take to the Stockton Heath Festival whilst keeping up with orders. Festival is on 9th July - same day as Walking Day on the Mill Lane Field. I promise to post some pictures of Monkeys made ready to sell at the fair in advance, so you followers can have a sneak peak of what will be available. Be lovely to see you all!

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