Monday, 20 January 2014


WOW - I'm back!!!

What a busy year 2013 was for me... mainly taken up with all-sorts of changes at work and moving house!. The house needed (and still needs) a lot of work but just before Christmas I got my craft room all set up... Its FAB! Bit less room than the last one so I've had a really good sort out and given away tons and tons of stuff to crafty friends. Its dark now but I will post a picture soon to show you my turquoise and red colour scheme.

So now I am back with a vengeance!! I have a couple of missions....
1) Learn how to schedule posts in advance so if i'm busy I can write a post in advance...
2)Get all my photos sorted and posted...
3)Link up to my Pinterest account and create a board of my creations.
4)Be more organized!

So that said I'm going to upload a load of new card images that I've not posted before and link them to my Pinterest Board - which is a slight obsession of mine at the mo! Lets hope I do this right!!
Some are clean and simple but many are full of gems, ribbons, flowers and sparkle. Hope you like them.... (:(|)x

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