Thursday, 7 July 2011


And people say we Monkey around! But we're too busy...
Blimey - Stockton Heath Festival is THIS SATURDAY so it really is all systems go at the Hut! I've put loads of new pictures on the flickr of the Monkeys that will be available for adoption on Saturday so take a peek. Most of them are"One Offs" so if you see one you would like to offer a home to make sure you let me know or get down to the festival early. Most of the Monkeys are between £15 and £20.
The Craft stalls open at 10.00am till 6.00pm on the field near Alexandra Park and is only a short walk from the Village. There are loads of beautiful things for sale on the stall - all unique and handmade by local people. There will be Bags, Jewellery, Quilts, Scarfs, Brooches, Candles and Bird feeders to name just a few. So make sure you brings so pennies with you as something is bound to catch your eye.
Please tell your friends and come say Hello. (You may even get a Monkey Hut sticker!!!)


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