Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Monkey Managers - Next stop Planet of the Apes!

They are planning World domination you know??
These pictures made me laugh out loud! I made these three cheeky chaps for the great people at Super Fat Laces. I get some of my socks to make Monkeys from them and they asked me to make them a Mascot. Check out the fab selection of socks and laces at www.superfatlaces.com
Two of them will be taken to a festival they are attending and I think...They will be given away as prizes.... but don't blame me if they decide to keep them as office pets!
As you can see from the pictures they have arrived safely and settled in very well - although I think they may have caused some distraction from work! These photos are just a couple of the Monkeys in various settings and poses around the office.....
Which led me to think..... What do you think about sending me pictures of your Lilibet Made Monkeys in unusual places and positions.... (Nothing rude you Mucky minded people!) I'll post them on the facebook page for everyone to have a giggle at!


  1. amazing! i am andy reynolds' daughter and i am going to save up for one of these! they are just so cute!

  2. Hi Alice! Thanks for your lovely comments. I'm sure one of the Monkeys would be well looked after at your house!