Friday, 4 January 2013

Experimenting at the hut

I have seen somewhere recently on my blog / web trawls the idea of Promarkers being used to colour fabric as they are a permanent ink. So I thought I would but a canvas bag and try it.

I have used a Some Odd Girl image and coloured her in as I would on paper once the outline was transferred onto the Fabric. The only thing I would do different is to cut around the image, as close to the line as possible, before transferring it next time as you can see the transfer paper around the image.

So what do you think? It could be done with all sorts of images on all kinds of things... Can't wait to try it again but this one is my guinea pig and will be being put through the washing machine to see how it holds on to the colour. Will keep you posted!

And see ... I'm sticking to my New Years Resolution - using my blog to better effect! (:(|)x


  1. I love it too :o)
    (that poor girl's got some cankles on her though :oD x
    Cherylin x

  2. OH! I LOVE THIS!! This is one of my favorite SOG images and it looks great on the bag. Love your coloring too.

  3. This is fabulous, I Love the image you have used, I wouldn't be as clever to colour it myself though. YOur colouring is wonderful.

    I have done similar(printed on the computer first)and yes it does look better if you cut as close as possible to the image, haven't washed the bag yet though, I gave some as Xmas presents in 2011, very well received too.

  4. What a great idea! How did you transfer the image to the bag? I really must try this! I've had a canvas bag to experiment with for a while but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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