Friday, 23 January 2015

Marks 40th birthday Card

Seems this year that a lot of friends turn 40 yrs (Not me by the way - I have a couple of years yet?!)This means I have to make extra special cards... and obviously no two can be the same! Each one has to be unique and personal. 
Below is one of the first... 

Mark turned 40 and he is wishing for a lovely new shiny guitar (At £2000 I think he will have to keep wishing for a while yet?!) So I made him one! I'm sure it a suitable alternative!!

I found a very plain shaped template of a general Guitar shape on the internet - I then adapted it and added all the additional shapes and buttons, along with the strings. I made the shapes from metallic red, a brushed metallic silver and a gloss black.I then stuck it all to a A5 card blank and cut around the outer edge so the whole card was Guitar shaped. I know the perspective is a bit out - Its a bit of a fat Guitar but that's artistic license! Honest!
All for now. Liz (:(|)x

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