Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Aprils Colour Mojo!

Mojo Yellow!
How do you feel about Yellow? I have to be honest its not a colour I turn to that much but this was fun to do. I did struggle a little bit as I like Bright (Ha! Who knew??!) and there aren't that many variations of bright but I have had a right good fiddle around and attached all the combos below.

For those who have been following the colour journal journey - This has been inspired by Some Odd Girl and Kristy - who uses Copics so its great to be able to convert the colours to Promarkers as there isn't as much guidance or colour combos out there for Pros as there are the Copics.

This image is a digi from Some Odd Girl and is called Duck In Boots. You can find him here

This image is a rubber stamp from Stamping Bell and is called Uptown Marcella. You can find her here.

And here are my colour combos of Yellow Promarkers -  Feel free to use them, link to them, share them etc but please leave a comment to say Hi or even better follow the blog as each month will be a different colour... Who knows what Kristy will choose next!

Thanks for reading and hope you Pros out there find them useful.
Liz (:(|)x


  1. Awesome colouring, Lilibet and thanks for the yellow combos...I've just won a set of yellow Promarkers, so this'll really help! It's not really a colour I turn to much, but have started to like it's sunny nature recently! Thanks for sharing! Lisa x

  2. Thanks Ella - glad they are useful to you. I did green last month - don't know if they'd be useful to you and there are also skin tone combos on an older blog post.

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  4. Wow! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog! Your colour journal is fantastic and the combos are fantastic! I will definitely follow you as I know I will find your hard work inspiring! Brilliant! Hugs. Debs x