Thursday, 20 October 2011

Monkeys hit Twiss Green (:(|))x

Blimey - Time flies! Can't believe I haven't made a post since August!! Sorry Monkey Mates. I'm back to working shifts and have been busy making Monkeys to rehome at Christmas Craft fairs that are happening. Next one for us is Warrington Cares on 26th Nov in Penketh - and its to raise money for the rehabilitation of injured Soldiers.... a very worthy cause. Full details are on facebook so pop in and spend some money.
Another fair happening in the area is on Sat 29th Nov at St Thomas' Church Hall in Stockton Heath - We won't be there unfortunately but don't let that stop you as it is also to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. I will definitely be going to visit and getting some early Christmas pressies!
You can also see my latest line of Picture frames on display. This was the first showing of them and they were very well received with several custom orders being made. You can see a full album of photos on the Facebook page.
All for now... promise not to leave it so long next time.... Honestly!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Drunken Munkey (No... just a prop!!)

Evening all! No the Monkeys haven't hit the bottle - don't fret. I am a responsible Monkey Mother. (My Monkeys won't be out looting & rioting!!)
I wanted to post a picture showing the size and proportions of the Monkeys and thought to myself... "What can I photograph them with that everyone recognises and knows the size of?" The answer was staring at my from across the Kitchen... WINE! (Pink wine especially!!) I figured the size of a wine bottle doesn't really alter much and most people know how big a normal bottle is.
The picture is of two monkeys that have been sent to new homes and families today. The one on the right is a £25 monkey and is the largest size monkey to be created at the Hut. The Blue one on the left is a £15 monkey. Hopefully from the picture you can get a good idea of how big the Monkeys are.
All for now... I need a drink after all this talk of wine....but think I'll settle for a brew. (:(|)X

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Monkey Managers - Next stop Planet of the Apes!

They are planning World domination you know??
These pictures made me laugh out loud! I made these three cheeky chaps for the great people at Super Fat Laces. I get some of my socks to make Monkeys from them and they asked me to make them a Mascot. Check out the fab selection of socks and laces at
Two of them will be taken to a festival they are attending and I think...They will be given away as prizes.... but don't blame me if they decide to keep them as office pets!
As you can see from the pictures they have arrived safely and settled in very well - although I think they may have caused some distraction from work! These photos are just a couple of the Monkeys in various settings and poses around the office.....
Which led me to think..... What do you think about sending me pictures of your Lilibet Made Monkeys in unusual places and positions.... (Nothing rude you Mucky minded people!) I'll post them on the facebook page for everyone to have a giggle at!

The Festival!

Hello All!
The Monkeys were very pleased to meet so many of you at the Stockton Heath Festival. Thanks to everyone who came and made the day loads of fun. The weather was great as well which brought out the crowds.
Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures for those who weren't able to make it so you can see how cool the Monkeys look on display - They were well behaved all day and loved all the attention!
You can see on the pictures some of the other items on sale along with the Monkeys including the gorgeous quilts, stunning silk scarves, Jenni's beautiful jewellery (Offbeat beads) and Ruth's lovely china tea cup candles. To see more of these items have a look at my facebook pages or get in touch and I'll give you contact details for them. Thanks again to Maeri at the Make and Do studio for organising the stall and getting me involved. Take a look at for the new list of classes.... I'm thinking of doing a bag making class.....
If you want to offer a Monkey a home take a look at the flickr pictures to see the designs, patterns and colours available. Don't forget if you want something specific that you don't see - just send me an email and I'll do my best to make a Monkey or other animal exactly as you want.
:(|) Its a Monkey face...??! x

Thursday, 7 July 2011


And people say we Monkey around! But we're too busy...
Blimey - Stockton Heath Festival is THIS SATURDAY so it really is all systems go at the Hut! I've put loads of new pictures on the flickr of the Monkeys that will be available for adoption on Saturday so take a peek. Most of them are"One Offs" so if you see one you would like to offer a home to make sure you let me know or get down to the festival early. Most of the Monkeys are between £15 and £20.
The Craft stalls open at 10.00am till 6.00pm on the field near Alexandra Park and is only a short walk from the Village. There are loads of beautiful things for sale on the stall - all unique and handmade by local people. There will be Bags, Jewellery, Quilts, Scarfs, Brooches, Candles and Bird feeders to name just a few. So make sure you brings so pennies with you as something is bound to catch your eye.
Please tell your friends and come say Hello. (You may even get a Monkey Hut sticker!!!)


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Back from our Holiday.

This is just a quick "Hello" - Didn't want anyone to feel neglected and the Monkey's wanted to tell there adopted brothers and sisters that they are fine and dandy!
We have been on holiday for a week to Devon but even then a few Monkeys were made. (I have to make the most of the time away from the day job !) Found a lovely shop called "Made it" that sells fab buttons, beads and fabric - I spent ages just looking round at all the shiny colourful things trying to decide what to buy. I know they have a facebook page so I'll try and link them to the Monkey Hut.
Hope you like the picture of the two latest additions. . .
All for now Monkey Mates. x

Monday, 30 May 2011

Monkey Madness at the Hut!

Hello All! It's a bit manic at the Hut. The Monkeys are definitely going to be released on the Stockton Heath Festival on 9th July. We are going to be on display with The Make and Do studio who have brilliant arranged for a few local crafters to all display there wears together (No way I would have had the confidence to have a whole stall to myself - so Thank you very much Maeri!)
So - the Hut is very busy making a collection of Monkeys that can be sold at the festival. I hope there will be a good mixture of sizes, colours and patterns but I will also take orders if people want something specific.
The Monkeys are all handmade and unique - I can never promise that I can make a monkey just like another Monkey - They are all individuals! Many of the Socks I only have one pair of - I don't buy loads of the same patterns / colours as you never know what it will turn out like until the Monkey is born and plus I like the variation.

So I though you could have a sneak peak at ones I am making for the Festival! Most of them will cost between £15 & £20 with some being more as they are either bigger Monkeys or limited edition. They will be sold on first come - first served basis so make sure you come and say Hello!
There will be more sneak peaks to follow soon . xxx

Friday, 13 May 2011

Mutant Monkey? No Its an ELEPHANT!

Hello! Thought I had better let you blog followers know about this little lady that the Facebookers have had a preview of. I actually made this lovely pink elephant as a special request for an old school friend who got in touch on Facebook. It was made for another old school friend who has a soft spot for elephants and was due to have a pink flavoured baby. Facebook has now introduced beautiful baby Molly so I can post pictures without ruining any surprises. (Hope all is well with the new family! xx)
As for other news.... been very busy at the Hut trying to make enough Monkeys to take to the Stockton Heath Festival whilst keeping up with orders. Festival is on 9th July - same day as Walking Day on the Mill Lane Field. I promise to post some pictures of Monkeys made ready to sell at the fair in advance, so you followers can have a sneak peak of what will be available. Be lovely to see you all!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Cool Britannia - "Union Jack Monkey"

Hello, Thought I would make a Patriotic Monkey with all excitment over the Royal Wedding. So here is Union Jack Monkey. He is one cool Monkey! And he is available for rehoming if anyone is interested. He is a limited edition as I only had the one pair of socks like this.... (Unless anyone can tell me where I can get some similar ones.... I know there is bunting and flags everywhere you look at the moment. )
The Monkey Hut is very busy at the moment. I am making a whole troop of Monkeys that will be available to rehome, as up to now they have all been made to order. The Monkeys may also be let loose on the public at the Stockton Heath festival on July 9th - so watch this space for more details!

Monday, 18 April 2011

How to join the Monkey family....

Animal Monkey is the latest monkey to be re-homed. The Monkeys have been in touch on Facebook and Animal is very happy in his new home.
If you want to adopt a Monkey - it is really easy! Just email me at or send me a friend request and message on Facebook - Lilibets MonkeyHut. Monkeys cost between £15.00 and £20.00 plus postage and I will only ever charge you what I pay to post your Monkey. (This is usually around £4.00 as I send them recorded delivery but it depends on the size and weight of the Monkey.)
Your Monkey will come to you in a black drawstring cotton bag which keeps them warm whilst they are on their travels. They have tag tied loosely by a ribbon round their necks which give washing instructions and also has a space to write your Monkeys name on it.
There may be some Monkeys house trained and ready for re-homing - to check these out look at the Flickr pages.
If you want a Monkey made to order - please contact me with ideally 3 weeks' notice. I may be able to accommodate your request sooner if I have suitable socks ready to be brought to life with some Monkey Magic! Contact me and I'll do my best to make it for you in time.
Please feel free to request a colour scheme or pattern (i.e. Pinks, Bright stripes, spots, Pale Blue etc...) I can also make different animals in different style so if there is a specific animal you would like - get in touch and I'll give it a go! Prices will vary with size and style, but I will always send you a picture of your Monkey or animal as soon as it is done, before you commit to buying it.

Payment is via Paypal. Alternatives will be considered but must be received prior to posting.
The Monkeys are looking forward to creating a bigger family!!!(I've had a chat with them about the Birds & the Bees!) xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Piggin Monkey Mutha!

An alternative to Monkeys - Sock Pigs! A quick and easy make with one odd sock and a few buttons. I think they look quite effective though!
But the real reason for this post is too apologise to Mike -I got his website address wrong on my last post. It should have said - or
I have also recently discovered that there is a time limit to how long you can edit a post - So lesson learnt... Get it right first time! This Monkey Mutha is a Muppet!! Sorry Mike x

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Monkeys are making Mates!

The Monkey Hut wants to give a massive thanks to Dan at Superfatlaces and Mike at Mike Ward Graphic Design. Not only did Mike do the fab logo but he has now also designed some business cards, mini cards and stickers with the Monkey logo on. The mini cards are half the size of a business card and I have been tying them to the Monkeys with ribbon. They look ace! The Monkeys love them because it gives the correct washing instructions and how to keep up to date with all the Monkey business. Check out Mikes work at
Dan has posted a link on his newsletter from his website shop which sells socks and laces. Check out his blog and site at They have just had a new delivery and have loads of funky socks for sale. Dan has also posted a picture of Maggie Monkey who was made from socks bought from this website. The socks they sell make the best Monkeys in my opinion! (And I am a Sock Master!!)
Thank you very much to you both from your Monkey Mates. xx
P.S. Active Hope Monkey raised £62 at auction! The night overall raised over £6000 for the charity !!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's for Charity Monkey!

Here is the latest Monkey to leave the Hut. He is being auctioned on Friday 25th February to help raise money for Active Hope. He has been made in the Charity colours to be a Monkey mascot.
Active Hope is a Christian charity based in Warrington, which provides outdoor and adventurous activities to children and young people from all backgrounds. It is a non- profit making organisation, with all the money received going straight back into the work of the charity. The director is one of my oldest friends Dan Curtis. (He's not ancient - I've just known him for a long time!!)
See the website for more details on the auction and other fundraising events taking place -

Friday, 18 February 2011

More Mutterings from the Monkey Hut.

This is Monica Monkey who was rehomed at the beginning of the week.
I have recently been asked if the Monkeys are safe for children and I have to say they are not and can not be advertised as toys for under 14yrs. This is because of Health and Safety issues and British kite marks etc...
The monkeys are made from supersoft toy stuffing which is 100% polyester complying to BS 1425, BS5852, EN71 (This is from the package and to be honest I don't know what that means!)The facial details are sewn on with embroidery thread and there is nothing hard, like buttons, on the monkeys. BUT IT WOULD BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL PURCHASER IF THEY WERE GIVEN TO A CHILD. It all seems a bit mad to me but this is my disclaimer.!!
Sorry - that is all a bit serious!! More merry monkey mischief soon !

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lilibet's Monkey Hut official logo.

The Monkey Hut has got an identity! Thanks very much to Mike Ward Graphic designer for creating the logo. See Mike's facebook page "Mike Ward Graphic Design" or visit his website
Its been a busy week at the Hut. Two new Monkeys went to new homes and many others have been ordered - including a special request, which will be a bit different, but thats enough of a teaser for now!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Adrenaline Junkie Monkey drip dries.
(He's still smiling!)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Adrenaline Junkie Monkey - Washing instructions.

Figured it was about time to find out if the Monkeys liked water! My monkey jumped at the chance to be whizzed round and round.(He said it would be like being on the Rapids... Not sure how he knows this as he's never left the house!) So.... the Adrenaline Junkie Monkey was put in the washing machine on a normal 40o wash with Shampoo and conditioner. (To make him soft and smell sweetly - not sure he will thank me for that!) I wrapped him in a net washing bag so he didn't get flung about too much but a pillow case or similar would do exactly the same thing. Think he was a bit dizzy at the end but otherwise he loved it! Not to sure he loved being pegged up by his ear to drip dry but the tumble dryer would be too hot - even for this crazy Monkey!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Let the Monkey mayhem begin!

Hello!The Sock Monkeys finally got their way and have a page all of their own. They asked if they could stay in touch with all their Sock Monkey mates that had left the Monkey Hut recently. They wanted to make sure they were being loved and looked after. I'm sure they are - they all went to good Homes and they like to explore.If you have a "Lilibet Made Monkey" send me a picture of your Monkey and I'll try to create a gallery of them! Note the "Try"... Let's just say it took me a while to get to this point, but so far so good....