Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Drunken Munkey (No... just a prop!!)

Evening all! No the Monkeys haven't hit the bottle - don't fret. I am a responsible Monkey Mother. (My Monkeys won't be out looting & rioting!!)
I wanted to post a picture showing the size and proportions of the Monkeys and thought to myself... "What can I photograph them with that everyone recognises and knows the size of?" The answer was staring at my from across the Kitchen... WINE! (Pink wine especially!!) I figured the size of a wine bottle doesn't really alter much and most people know how big a normal bottle is.
The picture is of two monkeys that have been sent to new homes and families today. The one on the right is a £25 monkey and is the largest size monkey to be created at the Hut. The Blue one on the left is a £15 monkey. Hopefully from the picture you can get a good idea of how big the Monkeys are.
All for now... I need a drink after all this talk of wine....but think I'll settle for a brew. (:(|)X