Monday, 25 April 2011

Cool Britannia - "Union Jack Monkey"

Hello, Thought I would make a Patriotic Monkey with all excitment over the Royal Wedding. So here is Union Jack Monkey. He is one cool Monkey! And he is available for rehoming if anyone is interested. He is a limited edition as I only had the one pair of socks like this.... (Unless anyone can tell me where I can get some similar ones.... I know there is bunting and flags everywhere you look at the moment. )
The Monkey Hut is very busy at the moment. I am making a whole troop of Monkeys that will be available to rehome, as up to now they have all been made to order. The Monkeys may also be let loose on the public at the Stockton Heath festival on July 9th - so watch this space for more details!

Monday, 18 April 2011

How to join the Monkey family....

Animal Monkey is the latest monkey to be re-homed. The Monkeys have been in touch on Facebook and Animal is very happy in his new home.
If you want to adopt a Monkey - it is really easy! Just email me at or send me a friend request and message on Facebook - Lilibets MonkeyHut. Monkeys cost between £15.00 and £20.00 plus postage and I will only ever charge you what I pay to post your Monkey. (This is usually around £4.00 as I send them recorded delivery but it depends on the size and weight of the Monkey.)
Your Monkey will come to you in a black drawstring cotton bag which keeps them warm whilst they are on their travels. They have tag tied loosely by a ribbon round their necks which give washing instructions and also has a space to write your Monkeys name on it.
There may be some Monkeys house trained and ready for re-homing - to check these out look at the Flickr pages.
If you want a Monkey made to order - please contact me with ideally 3 weeks' notice. I may be able to accommodate your request sooner if I have suitable socks ready to be brought to life with some Monkey Magic! Contact me and I'll do my best to make it for you in time.
Please feel free to request a colour scheme or pattern (i.e. Pinks, Bright stripes, spots, Pale Blue etc...) I can also make different animals in different style so if there is a specific animal you would like - get in touch and I'll give it a go! Prices will vary with size and style, but I will always send you a picture of your Monkey or animal as soon as it is done, before you commit to buying it.

Payment is via Paypal. Alternatives will be considered but must be received prior to posting.
The Monkeys are looking forward to creating a bigger family!!!(I've had a chat with them about the Birds & the Bees!) xx